Operation Christmas Child

Now, I know that I said that I wasn’t going to mention the “C” word again until December … but, mentioning it here is all in aid of a brilliant cause. Operation Christmas Child is the world’s largest children’s Christmas project – devoted to spreading love, joy and smiles to children in parts of the world who really need them.

Here’s how it works: decide if you’re going to fill a shoe box for a girl or a boy and what age range (I’ll be doing boy, age 2-4 to match DS, mum has been doing a box for years and always matches it to the age of my nephew). Choose appropriate small gifts from pound shops and the like (you can see a list of what’s acceptable on the OCC website), wrap your shoebox in Christmas paper and seal with an elastic band (to allow access at Customs and Border Controls), state which sex and age-range it is for on the lid, add £2.50 (recommended donation to help cover transport costs) and drop-off at your local collection point (the OCC website will match a collection point to your postcode).
I know that in the current economic climate, everyone is feeling the pinch but please do consider contributing to this wonderful cause. I shall be doing mine for my son, my nephew, my GodDaughter and her brother, 3 little people and 1 young man who are loved beyond measure and do not know what it is like to go without life’s basic essentials and I pray that they never will.
I realise that this is a UK based charity, but I’m sure other countries must have a similar scheme. Try typing Operation Christmas Child into your search engine and see what you get.

4 thoughts on “Operation Christmas Child

  1. This is a wonderful charity. I belong to a ladies volunteer group, and one of the things we do at Christmas is remember the foster children in our community. It means so much to children who might otherwise receive little to nothing for Christmas.

    Off to clean my house and to enjoy the first cool temps we've had in weeks…


    Sheila 🙂


  2. Thank you so much for post, this is truly what the holidays is all about. This is such a gift for your son.
    We participate in Toys for Tots and drop off a toy at the local Police station.


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