Eye Candy

I happened to walk past this store this morning on my way to find Cath Kidston. Isn’t the window display stunning and are you detecting a window display theme here? The store was called, rather disappointingly, Something Nice. Very bland. Those gorgeous cushions didn’t have any visible price tags and I’m not supposed to be buying stuff for the house ad hoc (remember David Bruno and his 100 Thing Challenge?), so I left them sitting in the window.

How very noble, but boring, of me!

6 thoughts on “Eye Candy

  1. Ruth ~ Love all the England/London goodies in the shop window! I must say I think their store name is quite ordinary also.

    Mainly wanted to say Happy Anniversary to you two – you're still practically Newlyweds!!

    Cynthia K.


  2. LOL, Ruth… I would have been in that store faster than you can save “love shack.” The cushions (across the pond we would call them pillows… kind of like sweater and jumper) really are cute. And the store name is, as you said, rather dissapointing. 😉

    You have no idea how much I love shopping in London. You are so blessed to be there! It is a magpie's ultimate shopping mecca. I wish you could have seen my suitcase the two times I visited. I actually needed a crate, but my husband put his foot down! LOL!


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