Discovering Cath Kidston

The Cath Kidston brand is something of a retailing phenomenon here in the UK. She specialises in vintage domestic chic, all flowery, girlie girlie stuff that you end up thinking that you can’t live without! One website I looked at this morning described her brand as “pinny porn fantasy”! Anyway, I realised that I hadn’t been out of the borough on my own for ages so, this morning, after dropping DS at nursery, I hopped on the District Line (a line on the London Underground network, this network is universally known as the Tube) four stops to Turnham Green in West London. The area is dominated by the Chiswick High Road so you can imagine what the traffic is like but it somehow manages to retain a village-like feel to it. And it has a Cath Kidston store (next to an Undertaker, but I digress). I was there before opening, so I photographed the 2 window displays and then popped into Starbucks for a coffee and croissant. At exactly 10am, I’m in through the front door, the 1st customer of the day. I have to admit that the store is a veritable treasure trove of loveliness and colour, especially when you consider how the grey the Chiswick High Road is. It must be a delightful place to work in. However, I’m digressing again. My eye fell on a number of rolls of oilcloth, perfect for protecting the kitchen table from DS and his crayons. I chose a starry pattern one and while the assistant was cutting it to the required length, I asked if I could take some photos. Company policy is a no to photography, apparently ~ bummer!

Not to be outdone, once I was home, I emailed a lady whose blog I read about using some of her images from a CK store in York that she’d blogged about recently. No, you can’t, she said, but you may link to my blog. That’s the chance you take when you ask permission, I suppose. (But how come she got to take photos of the store in York? Maybe she didn’t ask.) So here’s what I’ve done: you can see my photos of the 2 window displays and 2 scanned images from the latest CK brochure.

See what you think. Does she do it for you?

4 thoughts on “Discovering Cath Kidston

  1. She has some gorgeous stuff but it's way out of my price range!! I've taken to rumaging in charity shops for things I can chop up and make into something similar. Always one to re-cycle LOL 🙂

    Check out blog in a few days once I've finished creating!!!


  2. Not exactly budget price but …… certainly brightens the day. I succumbed to buying myself a 'present' (after saving the £2 coins) and it really is cheery!


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