Crochet Flower Badges

My uber-talented Sib (yes, her, over at Life At The Gables) very kindly helped me out on the crochet front today. The DD of a friend of mine has been given some hand-me-down designer clothes (for a 3-year-old, I ask you!) and apparently the cardi/coat/jacket, not exactly sure what, has a large brand logo on the front. I asked Sib if she could rustle up a couple of crochet flowers to cover up said offending logo and look what arrived in the post today. Aren’t they sweet?

You know, I’m lucky that Sib is my sister and and even luckier that she has a big heart (I can hear her saying, “Oh, do be quiet!”). LYL, Sib. xx

3 thoughts on “Crochet Flower Badges

  1. Hi, Ruth… I followed the bird seed trail over from Beverly's blog, and I've enjoyed reading yours. As a matter of fact, I linked to you for Pink Saturday tomorrow. 🙂

    In truth, I had forgotten we were going to be doing that, so I started poking around looking for a newbie to post about. I've been sort of MIA of late. Anyhow, I found you from a comment you made on another blog, and then I saw that you were from England. And well… I just love your blog! And your gifts you've been giving away are so ADORABLE! Hence, I showed a couple on my blog… as in pinched the pictures for use in the little bio I just posted about you and your blog. Hope you don't mind.

    I wish I had known to do this sooner because a bunch of my friends had already visited, but hopefully, the Pink Saturday group will see it tomorrow. I did a double post for PS and for FF(Foodie Friday).

    Sorry to be so wordy, but I thought I would introduce myself to you in case you happened on my blog and saw your name and a pic of your egg cozy!

    That was the cutest thing ever, and so are those crochet flowers your sister sent you. My sister does crochet, too, but it's usually big items like afghans and such. I have a lovely one she made me that looks like the stitch in the Irish fisherman's sweater. I cherish it.


    Sheila 🙂


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