Singing In The Rain?

Not exactly … but mum was caught out by the weather this afternoon. She’d arrived during DS’s nap time and he was delighted to see her when he woke up. Hello, Granny, he said, as if he’d seen her yesterday!
Anyway, she told him that they would explore the garden while his tea was cooking. So there they are, suited and booted, and mum opens the door to find that it is actually raining quite heavily! But in true Granny mode, she does no more than borrow my umbrella and off they go to explore and discover e-NORM-ous leaves! Bravo, Granny! I took the photo from the front door, with the dog at my feet looking at them as though they were mad!

4 thoughts on “Singing In The Rain?

  1. Live and learn!! We'll have to do this when we're both Grannies!!!!!! I might stick to nice clean, dry activities and get you to do the messy, wet ones!!!!! Sounds like a great idea 🙂


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