Mini-Book Instructions

Here are the instructions for the Halloween mini-book. Do feel free to shout up with any questions if any or all of the instructions aren’t clear!

1 sheet 12×12 cardstock.
Take your cardstock and trim into 3 strips of 10 cms. Ink the edges at this stage if you wish. With strip 1, score at 5.5 cms, 13.5 cms and 24 cms. With strip 2, score at 13 cms and 28 cms. Score the 3rd strip in half; this will be your cover. Now take strip 2 and 3 and using double sided tape, adhere the 2 ends together, overlapping. Adhere the last flap on strip 2 to the inside front cover of your book. Hopefully the image above will make this clearer!
The book is now formed and ready to be decorated as you wish.

4 thoughts on “Mini-Book Instructions

  1. Thanks for the instructions, you should submit this to the website, so many folks would appreciate it. You and your sis, your brother too, are so incredibly talented!!


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