HSMSHS on Facebook: Flora

Today’s prompt on the HSMSHS page on Facebook is flora (and/or flotsam but I’m ignoring that bit). This sunflower shot was one of the very 1st shots we took on our new digital camera a few years ago and I must give credit to DH for it … he’s the one who captured this gorgeous image. Sadly, the sunflower grew too big and too heavy, resulting in it toppling over and all the seeds being scoffed by the local squirrels! Mr. Nutkin and family all had beautiful shiny coats (or is that pelts?) that year!!

Edited for Leann – HSMSHS stands for Her Space, My Space, His Space. It was a photographic prompt blog until recently and they now have a page on Facebook. You can view the blog by clicking on the link in my list of blogs I follow. Hope that helps.

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