Recipe For Gnocchi With Pesto & Tomatoes

My new bloggie friend Martha (you can find her at A Sense Of Humour Is Essential) requested the recipe for the gnocchi dish I mentioned last week. Here it is:

Serves 2 adults (or 1 adult and 3 little people servings).

500g pack of ready-made gnocchi
250g mozzarella cheese, cut into thin slices
cherry tomatoes, as many as you like
2 generous tablespoons of green pesto
juice of half a lemon (or tablespoon of Jif lemon)
1-2 tablespoons of olive oil

Heat oven to 180C.
Put gnocchi in a pan of boiling water and cook until they float to the surface. Scoop them out and transfer to a large bowl. Add the cheese, tomatoes and pesto to bowl and stir through. Add the lemon juice and olive oil. Season to taste. Transfer mixture to ovenproof dish and cook for 20 minutes. Serve immediately with green salad or crusty bread or on its own. Can be frozen, if desired.

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