Autumn Skies?

Just look at the sky here today! Mind you, I’ve not had that much time to sit and enjoy it, as I’ve been a busy little bee. Here’s a summary, in no particular order, of what I’ve been up today: took DS to nursery, food shopping (my least favourite past time), waved off DH as he left to take his dad to Derbyshire for the day, rashly decided to tackle sorting out the downstairs spare room (up for grabs re usage now that DH has his office in the loft, most likely to end up as DS’s playroom) and ended up moving furniture from room to room, decided to tidy up and sort out my own office while I was at it (photos later, maybe), collected DS from nursery, fed DS lunch, hung the washing out, put DS down for his nap, washed down the artificial lawn with Dettol and hot water after clearing up some doggie accidents (a truly smelly job), sorted out the recycling (which is rapidly becoming a full time job in its own right!), made Pesto, Tomato and Mozzarella Gnocchi for DS’s tea and my supper (recipe available if anyone would like), emptied the dishwasher while drinking a cuppa … and then blogged about my day! Still to come: playtime with DS, teatime for DS, bath time for DS, story time for DS, bedtime for DS, glass of fizz for Mummy …

And to think that DH asks on a regular basis if I’ll ever go back to work! My hat off to those of you who go out to paid employment and run the family home.

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