More De-Cluttering

Who knew that Charity Shops looked so smart and trendy these days? A far cry from the ones I remember from childhood! Anyway, slightly off track there … another car boot of “stuff” left the house today, destined for the local tip and I also dropped off 2 bags at the charity shop pictured above. Two of my mini-books are on their way to the States (how cool is that?) – Gibraltar, Michigan and Bend, Oregon to be precise, so that’s a start to shrinking my stash mountain. I’ve also found a willing recipient for a few unworn things that somehow I never got around to dressing DS in; the recipient is a girl but add a girlie pink t-shirt and girlie shoes next summer and you’d never know she was in boys’ clothing!
Realistically, this household is never going to be like Dave Bruno’s with his 100 Thing Challenge, but that really isn’t the aim. Our aim is quite simple – less clutter and use the things we have!

3 thoughts on “More De-Cluttering

  1. Was the bike in the picture for sale? Decluttering does wonders for the mind!!!!!!! I have just sorted out clothes today so will be making a trip to the charity shop later this week.


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