A Better Day

I’m pleased to report that day was much better than yesterday. The Boy Child and I had our YMCA class this morning and were surprised when The Brainy One decided to join us (I think, in part, because he doesn’t actually believe me when I tell him how The Boy Child behaves some weeks!). So, of course, The Boy Child loved having his daddy there and did indeed behave better then recently. Lu, the lady who runs the class, suggested another class that we might like to try, much more rough and tumble. My 1st thought was, “Oh, no, she doesn’t want him in her class anymore!” But then I remembered that she takes the other class as well, so it’s obviously not that! You know what? I think I’m going to book The Boy Child a trial class for next Friday (it’s the class before the one we do already). He and I don’t have anything to lose, do we? A few of us stayed for coffee after the class and all the little people got to play (rather nicely, mostly!). On the way home, The Brainy One remarked that he could handle a morning of childcare if that’s what it entailed …

2 thoughts on “A Better Day

  1. If only childcare was that easy!!
    Try the other class, DS may love it and be more interesting for him.
    On the subject of M&S – your particulat store has a lot of things that could improve. If the Tesco steak was good, then aforementioned store may have lost a customer!!


  2. I'm glad that H had a better day. Maybe it's time to for him to 'move up' a level in the running about department. Maybe A could take him and you could put your feet up!!!!!!!
    Hope the Tesco steak was nice. sorry M&S weren't helpful. looks like they may lose a customer.


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