A Up And Down Kind Of Day

Today started off fairly well, with no hint of what was to come… I dropped DS at nursery and headed straight around the corner to the Post Office for 9am opening. Imagine my delight at finding no queue, almost impossible these days! I can now report that my Pink Saturday give away mini-book is on the way to Diann in Michigan – how cool is that? From the PO, I nipped into M&S because I’d noticed earlier in the week that they’d had offers on for spring bulbs and I am a wee bit behind with my planting this year. A lovely selection was purchased – various types of tulips, crocus, aliums, narcissus, something called armeniacum and hyacinths – and I also picked up 2 fillet steaks for tomorrow night’s supper. On my way home I was appalled to see that M&S is already selling Christmas stuff!!

After lunch, once DS was home and down for his nap, I decided to make hay with the bulbs and get them planted. I had a lovely 45 minutes or so pottering around at the front of the house and the whole time I could hear DS chatting to himself. Just as I was coming in, there was an almighty crash and a beep-beep on my mobile (mum, asking how went the day). I shot up the stairs to find that DS had surpassed himself this time in the poo and destruction stakes. A poo-filled nappy greeted me on the landing carpet and a peep into DS’s room found that he was covered in poo (again!), every available surface, bedding and wall was covered in poo and he had managed to pull the shelf from the wall. I’m afraid that it was all too much for me and poor mum had to listen to me wailing down the telephone!
And, oh, remember the fillet steaks? They are not in the fridge or my shopping bag so I can only deduce that I left them behind in the M&S Foodhall … can you hear me screaming??
But to end on a positive note, DS did eat his tea, I found an unopened bar of Green & Black’s white organic chocolate in the fridge and Snow Patrol’s “Chasing Cars” was played on the radio…

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