Henley & District Agricultural Show

We took another trip along the M4 this morning to the Henley & District Agricultural Show. It was enormous and appeared to be very well run; they’ve had plenty of practice as its been running annually since 1871! That’s quite astonishing, isn’t it? There was loads going on and DS had a marvellous time trotting from here to there examining everything up close and personal. The dog was none too chipper at having to be on the lead the whole time, but you can’t win them all! My favourite bit were the cows and bulls, such lovely looking faces. I felt sorry for all the chickens and cockerels, all cooped up in tiny cages. I know that it was only for display purposes during the judging but I couldn’t help being reminded of battery hens and chicks … Chicken Run, anyone? We like our chickens to be happy chickens! And I have to say that I’ve never seen such bored looking birds of prey!

3 thoughts on “Henley & District Agricultural Show

  1. Great pictures, visiting from Life at the Gable's blog.
    Thanks for sharing and bored looking birds of prey including redtailed hawks and barn owls are housed at our local park also.
    Greetings from Los Angeles.


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