Late Summer

Today is one of those perfect late summer days – blue sky and sunshine but you know Autumn is on her way because there is a definite nip in the air. On days like things I truly appreciate having 27 acres of open space at the end of the road. Here’s a snapshot of my walk with the dog: background info – in my pockets are house keys, mobile phone, tissues and poo bags. In my ears are 6 randomly chosen songs off my iPod: Lost by Michael Bouble, Northern Lights by Renaissance, Human by The Killers, Girls In Their Summer Clothes by Bruce Springsteen, I’m Already There by Lonestar and When The Night Comes by Joe Cocker.

An obvious sign of Autumn’s approach is the number of conkers on the Horse Chestnut trees, soon it will be like a carpet of fallen conkers under those trees. The chocolate pooch had a wonderful time running about and checking if the smells had changed since yesterday! The Common was empty apart from us and this girl, who was quietly sitting on the grass and appeared to be meditating: bit chilly for my liking but, each to their own.

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