Totally Satisfying Saturday

Here we are, the last UK Bank Holiday weekend before Christmas (apologies to the blog readers in Scotland, no BH for you on Monday) and I was determined not to let it pass by. I got off to a great start this morning with plenty of lovely comments re my 1st Pink Saturday post (already have an idea for next week!). DS and I got all the usual routine stuff out of the way early on – trip to the shops for milk, Ribena and the newspaper. During DS’s nap time I boxed off all the ironing, including the bedding I’d only hung out on the line this morning, scanned the paper, had lunch and ran the Dyson around. Once DS was up from his nap the 4 of us were meant to go out to the Common, but DH decided he “wouldn’t be a minute” and disappeared into the bathroom for what seemed like ages. I chose to be pro-active and started hacking back the wild, unruly bush that grows in the brick well next to our recycling shed (probably encouraged by de-cluttering!). Before I knew it, it was a stump and I’d filled all the garden waste recycling bags! (Both DS and the pooch had a lovely time playing with the rugby ball on the drive while I was doing this. I think the pooch wore DS out because he was very happy to stop playing when juice and fruit materialised!) DH reappeared and was invited to dig out all the roots for me, which he promptly did … only to have part of the wall collapse! We’ve bodged it back together for now (which will probably turn out to be permanent …) and I envisage the bed filled with new soil and lovely lavender. We never made it to the Common because by the time we’d cleared up it was tea time for DS (Scottish haddock fishcakes). And to round off my totally satisfying Saturday? DH’s homemade pizza and a double episode of ER … heaven!
Tomorrow’s plan is Maidenhead and Monday’s plan is a Magical Mystery Tour.

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