Wednesday Visitors

My beautiful GodDaughter brought her mummy and big brother to see us today. Sadly, today was not brilliant weather-wise but we did manage a trip to the Common late afternoon. DS nearly missed out on the outing because of his poor behaviour (hitting) and actually had to endure two 10-minute-timeouts in his room in order to contemplate the error of his ways!

2 thoughts on “Wednesday Visitors

  1. We had a lovely visit and you should try not to dwell too long on DS' misdemeanors… He's still only little and with out trying to sound too crass, he's learning all the time.

    Exhausting? yes! frustrating? definitely! entertaining? yes alot of the time! funny, clever, naughty and endearing? yes all wrapped up in a 2.5 year old called Harry!


  2. It looks like Harry is day dreaming but having fun all the same. Don't worry too much, Samuel still gets time-outs now and you know how old he is!!!!!!!


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