The 100 Thing Challenge

I read an article in the Times recently about the 100 Thing Challenge . The challenge encourages a simpler, clutter-free lifestyle and was dreamt up by David Bruno, a 37-year-old American, as his response to the recession and his own unease about the unwanted junk filling his home. It really struck a chord with me and I’ve been giving it some serious thought about how to de-clutter my own life, namely the amount of possessions I have. There are 3 clear areas where I have too much – books, CDs and scrapping stash – but I was pleased to see that David Bruno reckons that some items fall under a generic category: books = library. That’s a relief! Some items also fall under the category of “community property” – furniture, books (but only if read by others who live in the house) and items such as underwear are counted as a collective noun. Clothes are counted individually, which is probably no bad thing as that’s another area where I have too much. Oxfam can look forward to regular donations between now and end of the year! Freecycle can also expect a visit from me.

Now I just have to think about my 100 essentials …
1) Library
2) Music library
3) Scrapping stash
4) Underwear ….

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