An Urban Adventure

I was brave today and decided that DS and I would have an adventure … we caught the bus (the new favourite, #65) and went to Kew Gardens, just me and him. But here’s the thing … DS was either very tired or is coming down with the cold that is currently doing the rounds in this house because he didn’t really want to get out of the buggy … and that is practically unheard of these days. (Actually, as I’m typing this I can hear him coughing quite badly.) The weather was fine and we were early enough to avoid the crowds. If you’re curious as to what it is DS has in his hands and/or mouth, it’s the remains of a peg … don’t ask!

I wonder where our next urban adventure might lead us …

One thought on “An Urban Adventure

  1. That first picture is classic!! He's like “What?” as if chewing a peg is normal!! He looks very grown up sitting on that seat have a snack. Was Daddy working?


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