An Ordinary Tuesday

We’re pretty much back to normal here after our trip to the Far North. DS is back in his routine, is sleeping much better (although possibly waking still a little too early for my liking!) and this morning he went off to Nursery, where he and his little friends were joining the Caterpillars group for the 1st time. Making way for a new intake of younger little people, methinks. I discovered this morning that the group DS has been in for the last 7 months is called the Ladybirds. After his nap, when I didn’t seem to achieve anything worthwhile, we did drawing. I know, how brave of me! In true DS style, it didn’t last that long because he started drawing in the lounge windows! The top of his play table is one thing but not the windows! And then, just as we were about to start the teatime routine, we had an unexpected visitor, albeit a more than welcome one … nephew D, aka The Brainy Boy. He was on his way to an evening meeting but found he had the time to drop in for a cuppa. He’s with us again next week – exam week.

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