A Difficult Day

We took DS off to a local playbarn this morning, thinking that he’d enjoy the opportunity to run around after being cooped up in the car all day yesterday …and did he? No, not really. He wanted to have more fun grabbing at things on tables in the cafe area and from the cafe counter. The final straw for me was when he grabbed the teapot from our tray and threw it on the floor, narrowly missing the leg of the lady sitting at the neighbouring table! Thankfully, the teapot was almost empty, the dregs were cold and the lady was very gracious in response to our apologies but the alternative doesn’t really bear thinking about. DS was immediately taken back to the car and strapped into the car seat. I’m afraid to say that I then cried, more from frustration because I really am at my wits end with DS. How do I stop him from throwing things?

2 thoughts on “A Difficult Day

  1. sending loads of hugs Ruth I had so many trips out with DS when he was yours ages where I ended up cryibg but he really has truned into a lovley teenager it does get better and although it feels like it's for ever when he's fifteen you'll look back and think where on earth did the time go:)


  2. Not sure the answer lies in a blog comment but does he do it for the reaction? We've had to change our reaction to things several times with our DS but at the end of the day, he WILL grow out of it…promise 🙂


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