The One With The Exploding Nappy

An explosion of poop!

So here’s what happened … The Boy Child went for his nap round about 12.30 pm today but had difficultly in settling. At 2 pm, I went into him, checked his nappy for poop and tucked him up in bed. By 2.10 pm he was asleep.

At 3 pm, I took the ironing upstairs and all I could smell was the odour of poop and very strongly at that. I looked into The Boy Child’s room and found him absolutely covered in poop, along with bedding and the much beloved Granny Ted!

I opted to leave him until he woke of his own accord, which was around 4 pm. Problem was then that the poop had hardened, so you can imagine how much fun it was trying to get it off him!

He was not best pleased, poor lamb!

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