Summer Swing At Kew Gardens

Another concert this week, Bjorn Again at Summer Swing in Kew Gardens. This time, though, it was an early birthday present for Sib. Sib had never been to an open-air evening concert before and was amazed by just how much some people turn up with: chairs, tables, gazebos, picnics you’ve never seen the likes of before and lakes of alcohol! We must have looked a sad pair with our sandwiches, crisps, strawberries, fleecy blanket, anoraks and umbrella (which we did have to use for about 10 minutes). Bjorn Again was brilliant, costumes practically exact copies of the outfits ABBA used to wear. They even adopted the personas of Benny, Bjorn, Agnetha and Frieda! Fireworks rounded off the show just after 10pm and we home by 11pm, having made a wee stop and waited for the #65 bus!

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