A Life Lesson

Today was a beautiful day; the weather obviously had an affect on my brain because in my wisdom I decided to take DS and the pooch to the Common … without taking DS’s buggy! Now, as most of you know, the Common is just at the end of our road so not that far. Not that far if you’re 41 or a Chocolate Labrador, a completely different kettle of fish if you’re not quite two and a half! DS managed the walk there quite well, had a lovely time running all over the place but then struggled with the concept of “time to go home for tea”. He must have been knackered by this stage because he kept sitting down on the pavement! He didn’t really know what he wanted because he shrieked like mad if I made to pick him up and carry him. At this point we passed our neighbour with her teenage daughter and both thought it was hilarious, thanks for that! When we got home the pooch had ice cubes in his water bowl, DS downed a large juice almost in a “one-er” (as Sib would say) and yours truly had ice cubes attached to Pimm’s and lemonade!!
So what about that life lesson?? I need to remember that DS isn’t going to get being aware of roads and the inherent dangers overnight and DS needs to remember that it’s okay to ask for help when he’s had enough!

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