The Granny Flat

It’s done. The InLaws have officially moved into the granny flat at SIL’s house. My poor MIL is terribly confused about it all but, hopefully, after a few days she will begin to settle into her new home. My SIL has worked miracles in getting everything ready, especially when you consider that the removals men only delivered the furniture yesterday afternoon.

Note to self: DS needs the next size up car seat. Somewhere between Heston services and Heathrow on the M4 this afternoon he almost climbed out of the seat completely. At one point I was driving along with my right hand on the wheel and my left hand around DS’s ankle! DH was driving his parents in their car and was somewhere ahead of me out of sight. The adrenalin was pumping, I can tell you!!

3 thoughts on “The Granny Flat

  1. Caught up with you at last. Granny flat looks beautiful – a gold star (maybe more!) to SIL for having the place looking so much like home.
    Guess the new car seat is on your shopping list asap?! xxxx


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