Wednesday: Playdate

This afternoon we played host to the lovely Shaanya and her equally lovely nanny, Ivana. DS wasn’t really up to being the perfect host – he hit S on the head twice! They did make up though and parted as friends, I hope!

The reason for DS’s grumpiness is simple – not enough sleep. It’s almost a week since he moved into the new bed and he hasn’t started his days any later than 5.30am! He took the biscuit this morning with a 4.30am start! Yesterday he wouldn’t nap at all in the afternoon and today wasn’t much better, although I did manage to coax him into a short nap between 9am-10am. He went to bed this evening at 6.45pm and was obviously ready because he didn’t give me any grief! Fingers crossed for a decent start tomorrow …

3 thoughts on “Wednesday: Playdate

  1. good luck tonight Rutb he will get the hang of it and before you know it he will be a teenager and you won't get him out of it, I know that doesn't help now!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  2. Hi Ruth

    Finally made it here! Lovely blog and sorry if I ignored you on FB chat last night, not sure if I closed you or what as I haven't used the chat thingy before xx


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