Sunday Afternoon

We had friends over for tea and cake this afternoon and were able to be in the garden. The friends are a French/Japanese family with 2 children, one aged 5 and one coming up two. The dog loved the visitors because, of course, they only come to our house in order to make a fuss of him! DS discovered that he likes Battenburg slices (his Grandpa would be pleased!) but isn’t that keen on the profiterole part of a chocolate profiterole! I discovered that some things are the same in all families: the little girl had a poop, which I mentioned to her daddy. He promptly called out to his wife in Japanese and she came over with the nappy changing kit (you didn’t need to be fluent in Japanese to understand what he’d said!!). The wife then looked at me and said that it was a case of “Mummy Nose”, ie. no-one else ever smells that a small person has had a poop!! Exactly the same as this family and I even use the same phrase!!

2 thoughts on “Sunday Afternoon

  1. Good job that Daniel G isn't there to share the Battenbird!!
    Looks like a fun afternoon and I hadn't though that H was overly tall until seeing the photo!


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