DS And The Big Boy Bed

Today was the day … the delivery of DS’s big boy bed! However, things are not going to plan! I knew that it wouldn’t be plain sailing but at 9.40 pm (the time right now), DS is standing in his doorway and wailing his head off. I went in at 8.30 pm and actually lay down next to him for 40 minutes in the hope that he would get the general idea of what was required of him. (Snow Patrol’s Chasing Cars, anyone?) All he did was sit next to me and chatter away while stroking my arm (which in its own little way was very sweet)! I consoled myself with the knowledge that in about 10 years time I shall have to prise him out of bed!! It’s gone quiet … either he has finally dropped off or DH has gone into him … my guess is the latter.

4 thoughts on “DS And The Big Boy Bed

  1. I can't remember what we did for S but it didn't take him long to get the hang of it. if he falls asleep on the floor just pick him up and put him into bed. he'll get the idea that's where he's supposed to be if he wakes up in it every morning. Be firm!!!!!!


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