Spirit Of The Glen: Journey

You should add this CD to your collection: Spirit of the Glen: Journey by The Royal Scots Dragoon Guards. It’s an awesome collection and when you consider that 4 of the tracks were recorded live when the SDG were on operations in Iraq, somehow that makes it even more special.

We tried the sound of the pipes and drums out on DS this afternoon and, as you can see, he appeared to be quite taken with it. He pulled a lovely “oooh” face when he first heard the pipes and then hopped up on the sofa next to Daddy while he ate his snack and did some more listening.
Here’s what The Times had to say earlier this week when the RDG won the Best Album award at the Classical Brits: The record is thought to be the first commercial album to be produced in a war zone and was recorded after technical staff from Universal Music took advantage of a lull in the fighting to fly out to Iraq. Tom Lewis, an A&R manager at Universal, said: “We did not appreciate what we had let ourselves in for until we were flying in total darkness in a helmet and full body armour. I was terrified. I suddenly realised what our Armed Services do on a daily basis. It was humbling. This is an album people risked their lives to make.”
Major Benson-Blair said that his men had battled through searing heat to make the record. “We got the recording guys to come out, but we didn’t have proper buildings or anything that resembled a recording studio, so we took the officers’ mess out of commission and set up the studio there,” he said.
“I came in one evening from the centre of Basra to do a bit of work. I woke up in the morning, sang on a track and then went out on patrol. For these guys, one minute they were in the recording studio and literally half an hour later some of them were out on patrol in Basra.”
“Most people definitely say that the bagpipes are an acquired taste, but that is when you hear them played badly. When they are played well, by a military band, the hairs on the back of your neck stand up.”
You can find it at http://www.amazon.co.uk/ for £7.96 and I believe that some or all of the profits are destined for the Help For Heroes campaign.

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