Impromptu Playdate

After the class at the YMCA this morning a small group of us somehow ended up watching our small people run around the play area for 30 minutes or so. The photos aren’t that great becuase I’m hopless at catching action shots of small people on the move!! I ended up carrying out an unplanned good deed – one lady whose DS isn’t yet two is 4 months pregnant and her DH has just been made redundant – and as we are expecting DS’s new bed within the month I found myself offering her DS’s cot, should she have need of it. She nearly took my hand off! Now, I know that I could have sold the cot on, but somehow I don’t feel that I would have experienced the same glow of a good deed as I have by promising it to someone in need. DH, ever the business man, was taken aback when I told him what I’d done but has just said that it was a good thing to do.

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