Bonio Boy

Fun and games at breakfast this morning as DH decided to let DS give a Bonio to the pup. Only DS had other ideas and had a right good munch on it! Reminded me of lovely old Uncle Wal who used to eat Candy’s dog biscuits.

We went off the the Health Centre today so see about DS’s referral to the Speech Therapist … seems we wasted our time, because it turns out small people can’t go on the list until they are 2 years and 9 months. So we have to get in touch again in early September and in the mean time DS will be referred for a hearing test in order to rule out deafness. We know he’s not deaf but there you go.
DS now weighs 15.06 kgs and is 98cms tall, that’s 2 stones 4lbs and 3ft 3ins or thereabouts in real money.

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