After a wet and grey start, the day brightened up nicely by the time DS was up from his nap. We got the bubble machine out and, after a new set of batteries, it was producing a weather system all of its own! You might like to know that DS can now say bubbles (along with these recent additions: Daddy (!), shoe, Max (after a fashion) and five (as in “high five”).
Did you wear red today?

3 thoughts on “Friday

  1. Wore an almost red cardigan plus red heart on my scarf. Does that count? Red is not my colour so have to adapt.
    On a more serious note, it wasn’t good news for some families today.


  2. I wore a very dark pink (almost red) blouse for work and had a red heart on a scarf!!!!

    Big squish to H for being so clever with his new words 🙂 x


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