Blowing My Own Trumpet!

If I can’t blow my own trumpet on my own blog then where can I?? Cheryl Johnson from Scrapbook Inspirations magazine contacted me today about one of my SLYMI LOs and asked if I will submit it for the magazine’s Readers’ Gallery!! I am completely speechless!!

3 thoughts on “Blowing My Own Trumpet!

  1. WELL DONE you. Any idea when it will be in? Is it for the wedding section she asked for? It will be nice to see a “Normal” Lo instead of some of those very busy and arty ones that have been in the magazine in the last few months. 🙂Smarty Pants!!!!


  2. SUPER DOOPER!!! Well done indeed. I agree with Liz, ‘normal’ wins every time in my book. Your Lo is beautifully normal!You blow that trumpet as much as you want!


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