It has been a bit of a zoo here this afternoon! DH has been trying to move stuff up to his new office but kept getting sidetracked by old paperwork, which he then stopped to read and/or shread! I’ve been noble and given him the use of the bookcase on the upstairs landing for his “Office-Library-Overspill.” That’s the problem with loft conversions, there’s never a great deal of wall space high enough to stand a bookcase against.
Bea & Lulu and their mummy came for a playdate (and the use of my PC, as theirs wasn’t working and they needed something printing out quite urgently). Somehow things never quite go to plan, do they? The use of the PC took much longer than anticipated so I was left trying to entertain a 1-year-old, a 2-year-old (mine) and an almost 3-year-old … and to think I used to say I’d like twins!! No, thanks.
DS is just out of the bath now and watching ITNG with DH. As for me, I’m off to tidy up the kitchen before making a start on supper. No rest for the wicked!

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