Loft Progress #5

So … the new roof slates arrived today … after much discussion between us, Jeff the Roofer and the Project Manager (a poor description of him because we hardly see him!). The bottom line is that we will be having a completely new roof; the old slates were deemed too expensive by the PM (seems too many were broken when they were first lifted off six weeks ago) and we point-blank refused to have a patchwork roof. A compromise was finally agreed where we have used a cheaper slate and the whole roof gets done at no extra expense to us.

The photos show Sam (tea, Standard Nato!!) directing the arrival of the slates and a (not-very-interesting) close-up of said slates.
The noise level today has been the worst so far and poor DS was unable to sleep. I took him out thinking he would nap in the pram but all that happened was that I walked around the park for 2 hours and got caught in a heavy rain shower … I consoled myself with a Starbucks Vanilla Latte on the way home. DS was asleep within 2 minutes of going to bed at 7pm!

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