The City Of London

Last weekend we decided that if the weather was nice this weekend, we’d go “up town” and do some site-seeing. We settled on the City of London, aka the Square Mile, given that DH knows it like the back of his hand and makes a good tour guide. My favourite bits were the Swiss Re building on St. Mary Axe (photos 1 & 2), known as the Gherkin, and Leadenhall Market, which is undergoing some restoration so isn’t looking its best. Photo 3 is of Lloyds of London and photo 4 is DH & DS posing with a sculpture called Rush Hour. DS loved going on the Tube and ended up eating his lunch on it on the way home, much to the amusement of other passengers.
Newsflash: Londoners spotted smiling on Underground!

2 thoughts on “The City Of London

  1. It’s good to get out and about (and have lunch on the tube). I’m not sure about people smiling though I might have to wait till I see that for myself 🙂


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