What I Learnt On Day 6

Today I learnt that the world won’t end if I don’t do chores during DS’s nap-time! Instead of the ironing I made a pot of tea and sat with my feet up watching 2 episodes of “24 – Series 6”.
We’ve had this boxset for almost a year and this is the first time the discs have come out of the box! I put the rik rak on the LO over the photo because I wanted it to remind me that it’s ok to give myself a wee present every now and again. (In case you were wondering where DH has been today, he went with his sister to Derbyshire. The InLaws are supposedly moving down to a Granny flat in SIL’s house at the end of the month, so DH & SIL went to lay some groundwork.)

One thought on “What I Learnt On Day 6

  1. FINALLY you get it!! lol I’ve been saying for years that the dust doesn’t know it needs cleaning and it will still be there next week!!!!Yey to no housework 🙂 x


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