Wouldn’t you just know it? For the 1st time ever I used non-rechargeable batteries in the camera and by lunchtime the bloomin’ thing was almost flat!! However, there was one pretty decent photo, as you can see.
It’s my gorgeous god daughter with her godparents (of which I am now officially one). Her big brother doesn’t feature in any of my photos – I couldn’t find him half of the time! DS had a lovely day and got to mix with lots of small people, which I hope he enjoyed. He did manage to knock over a jug of squash on to himself & me into the bargain, doh!
The service in the church was fairly traditional and lasted 1.5 hours but the hymns were from Mission Praise and not from Ancient & Prehistoric! The vicar was pretty cool about the use of cameras, it’s just a shame that the light wasn’t so great. At the back of the church was a children’s play area, a great idea although the noise level did rise as the service went on!
At lunch afterwards I got to chat to people I haven’t seen in almost 20 years – absolutely lovely – but where have the years gone? 1988-1992 were halcyon days indeed.

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