Did I already mention that the crane was due at lunchtime today? It arrived at 7.30am this morning, bearing all the materials needed bar the steel girders (which are probably a fairly important bit of kit!). They are now coming tomorrow at 10am… It seems that the entire roof isn’t coming off any time soon so it’s actually quite difficult to determine exactly what is going on above our heads; the loft access in the landing ceiling has been nailed shut so that none of the builders fall through it! For the duration of the build DS is going to have his naps in our room, sleeping in the travel cot. There is no work going on directly above our bedroom so we thought that would be the safest place for him to be.

One of the builders looks as though he should still be at school! However, so far he has been very polite although he did drop the plate which had the biscuits on! (It was one that DH had at university so no great loss.) He likes his tea white with one. (Builders are like postmen, they should be cultivated in order to get the best from them!!!)

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