A completely rubbish day, weather-wise, rain, rain & more rain! Poor DS had to play indoors but he still managed to have fun because we set up his poly-tunnel in the lounge, as you can see in the photo. DS is 19-months-old today but manages to look older in the photo, we think.
Some lovely news this afternoon because I’ve been asked to be a Godmother to BF’s DD; it’s a double Christening on the 31st. To say that I am chuffed to bits would be a HUGE under-statement!!! Lucky for me that I bought a new dress from Monsoon today…
DH & I “christened” our new slowcooker today by making Goulash in it, pretty impressive bit of kit. I’m to make a rice pudding in it tomorrow, apparently!
Off to make a cuppa …

One thought on “Saturday

  1. He does look very grown up. Maybe it’s because his hair looks shorter.Well done on the goulash. Hope the rice pudding turns out OK tomorrow.


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