My Life Began Today…

Today is my birthday and I am 40!!! I’m supposed to be the baby in the family so how can I be 40??? Perhaps not unsurprisingly, I don’t feel any different to yesterday when I was 39 – except that today I am now the owner of a very smart new watch and the Postie brought a fab load of stash in the UKS Birthday Swap and 2 gorgeous mini-books made by my fabulously talented sister. Bit miffed when just 2 cards came in the post though…there’s no pleasing some people, is there?
I took the dog for his evening walk – it was drizzling and there was no-one else, man or dog, to be seen on the Common. The dog had a great time exploring the newly cut grass and I had a great time singing out loud along with my NanoPod. I didn’t have to care that I might be out of tune because there was no-one else to hear me and the dog didn’t seem to mind!!!!
A good day.

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