UKS Scrapping

I’ve finished the All My Photos CJ and have returned the last one I had to its owner today. Somehow half the group seem to be way behind so goodness knows when mine will come back. The Recipe Card Swap seems to have shrunk – this month’s subject is Regional Food. Rather than do pie & mash or something with winkles (!) I’ve done a recipe on 1950s London Pie and decorated the back with an image of the 1951 Festival of Britain. Next month’s swap will have a new host so we’ll see how we get on. (I would like to point out that the recipe card looks a lot better IRL!) Along with mum & sib, we are putting together a book for Auntie I’s 60th birthday – its all about 1948 and I got the following allocation – the Berlin Airlift, the formation of the State of Israel & the birth of the Prince of Wales. My book for BF’s DH’s 40th birthday needs finishing…

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