London Elects

We’ve been voting today here in London – the only bit of interest out of 3 votes cast is the race for Mayor; the front runners being Ken, Boris & Brian.

Here’s how the voting is supposed to work: You have two votes in the Mayoral election – a first and second choice.
Vote for your first choice candidate by marking a cross (X) in column one.
Vote for your second choice candidate by marking a cross (X) in column two.
If you only mark a first choice, your vote will be counted – you do not have to cast your second choice vote. But making a second choice cannot reduce the chance of your first choice candidate being successful.
If you only mark a second choice vote and not a first choice vote, no vote will be counted.
If you vote for the same candidate for first and second choice, only one vote will be counted. You cannot improve the chances of your chosen candidate by giving them your first and second choice votes.

Got that? There’s more …

Once the votes have been counted, the Mayor is elected using the “supplementary vote” system.
In this system, if a candidate receives more than half of the first choice votes he or she is elected.
If this does not happen, the two candidates with the most first choice votes go through to a second stage. All the other candidates are eliminated but the second choice votes on their ballot papers are reviewed. If they are for either of the top two candidates these votes are added to their totals.
The candidate with the most first and second choice votes wins. If there is a tie then the Greater London Returning Officer draws lots. This voting system is used to ensure the candidate with the broadest amount of support from London is elected.

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